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UNC Green Labs works with all members of the UNC-Chapel Hill community — from researchers and lab managers, to students, faculty and administrators — to encourage sustainable practices and promote a culture of sustainability in science in Carolina’s laboratories.

Every lab at Carolina is different. Yet there are always opportunities to make laboratories more sustainable.

The UNC Green Labs program offers opportunities to:

  • Network with other green labs.
  • Gather and share information about green issues in labs.
  • Develop innovative practices and implement solutions that will make UNC’s labs more sustainable.

UNC Green Labs encourages anyone with knowledge on lab building waste, energy and water needs, and strategies for increasing energy efficiency to join its community. Subject matter experts from UNC Environment, Health and Safety, UNC Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, UNC Energy Management, and Sustainable Carolina will help evaluate and implement new approaches.


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UNC-Chapel Hill is a leader in sustainability in higher education. UNC Green Labs offers programs dedicated to promoting awareness of sustainability issues and adoption of sustainable practices.

Our definition of sustainability is to build and balance societal well-being, ecological integrity, and economic prosperity now and into the future.

Our three key environmental goals are:

1) Net zero water use.     2) Zero waste to landfills.     3) Net zero greenhouse gas emissions.