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Below is a brief glimpse into the various initiatives implemented by UNC Green Labs and their affiliates!

  • RESPC’s Efficient Freezer Rebate Program is an opportunity for labs to purchase premium efficiency freezers without paying a premium price.
  • The UNC Freezer Challenge encourages labs to adopt best management practices on all lab freezers.
  • The Lab Energy Management efforts of UNC Green Labs and Energy Management have included building tuneups, reducing excessive heating, cooling, and dehumidification, and switching out lights to energy-efficient LEDs.
  • A “Shut the Sash” Campaign encourages lab personnel to shut the sash on fume hoods when not in use. When left open, each fume hood uses as much energy as three to five houses annually. 
  • The “Turn Me Off” Campaign encourages labs to turn off unused equipment whenever possible. Order “Turn Me Off” stickers for your lab today!
  • Lab Recycling efforts with the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling include both general lab recycling and specialty plastics and metals.
  • Glove Recycling, UNC lab vendors offer recycling options for gloves purchased through them.